Extended Day


The Extended Day Program is a neighborhood program that offers

after-school academic support and enrichment

for the students of the Swampscott School District!


  • Encourage well-rounded development through a variety of planned activities.
  • Provide a safe building based program as well as reliable and caring supervision during non-school hours.
  • Create an environment where students can be a positive, responsible, and contributing member of the community.

Lisa Stone, Director, stone@swampscott.k12.ma.us, 781-241-8300

Bethany Beatrice, Assistant Director, bbeatrice@swampscott.k12.ma.us, 781-858-3204

Important Phone Numbers / Contact Information:

Please text or call the Extended Day Phone Line and your classroom teacher

to report an absence from the Extended Day Program.

Clarke Extended Day

(781) 859-9041

Hadley Extended Day

(781) 859-9529

Stanley Extended Day

(781) 859-8171

SMS Teen Center

(781) 859-7925

Enrichment progRAMMing

Extended Day is proud to introduce

new programming for our students!

Quick Reference

Early Release Days: K-8

This year our Early Release days will be centered on a theme where students will participate in fun, engaging activities throughout the day, to include art, music, as well as indoor and outdoor games. You must be registered for all Thursdays to attend on Early Release days.

Behavior Policy

Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all students. If a students’ behavior is consistently aggressive and/or inappropriate, and staff have utilized all appropriate interventions, and have documentation of incidents, Extended Day reserves the right to have the child removed from the program until he/she can safely return. Extended Day follows the Behavior policy of Swampscott Public Schools, which can be found on the school website.

Tuition Fees and Registration

Student enrollment is for the entire 2018-2019 academic school year. A non-refundable $100.00 registration fee per family is due at the time of registration, and will be applied to your first bill. Early registration is recommended to guarantee your spot. To check enrollment availability mid-year, please contact Ms. Beatrice at bbeatrice@swampscott.k12.ma.us

Pay Online via the Portal!