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Library Programs

During regular library lessons, the librarian reads a story to the class, followed by a class discussion. Then students complete a reflective activity about the story. Sometimes the activity will be a color sheet requiring students to color a character or scene from the story or to draw themselves into the story. Other times students will be asked to answer questions about the story, sometimes individually, other times with a partner or small group. The activity might also involve the use of technology, such as iPads, laptops, or Chromebooks. Interacting with the story in multiple ways, listening, discussing, writing, coloring and drawing, increases students’ interest in books and enthusiasm for reading. Students always check out books during library classes.

During technology lessons, the librarian introduces students to important concepts related to technology use, such as Internet safety, website evaluation, or media literacy, and the librarian guides students to the online tools available for research.

All library lessons are built using the Massachusetts School Library Association’s Recommended Standards for PreK- Grade 12 Information Literacy Standards.

Library Policies

Kindergarten and first grade students may have one book checked out at a time. Remember to send your student’s library book to school on library day so he or she can check out a new book.

Students in grades 2-4 may have two books checked out at a time. Remember to send your student’s library book to school on library day so he or she can check out a new book.


The librarian might encourage a student to check out a book that appears to be a good fit for the student’s reading level, but the librarian will not discourage books based on content. If there are books you do not want your student to read (Goosebumps because they are scary, for example) it is up to you to discuss your concerns with your student.

Reading Promotions: Get into the Game…..Read!

The reading promotion has ended for the year, but that does not mean you should stop reading!

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you to all of the parents who have graciously donated their time to help out in the library! If you have not yet volunteered but would like to get involved, please email Mrs. Morgan at

2017-2018 Library and Computer Lab Posters

Books Take You Away Bulletin Board

2017-2018 Reading Promotion Bulletin Board: Students earn a butterfly on the board for every ten books they read in December (8 in November, 7 in October, 5 in September).

QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY Keyboard hangs on the wall in the computer lab to make it easier for Mrs. Morgan to point out important keys on the keyboard.

Library Rules

Mrs. Morgan loves the character Pigeon created by Mo Willems. In this poster, Pigeon is telling students to follow the libtech rules.

Dewey Poster

All grades start the year with a lesson on Dewey. We read Dewey and the Alien and talk about how books are organized in our library. Students then use iPads to takes 'Selfies in the Stacks' as they track down particular books on a scavenger hunt.

2016-2017 Library Posters