Swampscott Elementary Libraries

Click on LibTech Websites below for links to grade appropriate educational games. For additional ideas links below:

Every resident of MA is entitled to a Boston Public Library e-card. Click the link below or go directly tohttps://www.bpl.org/get-a-library-card/ (Nice additional source of educational games)

Swampscott Public Library link: www.noblenet.org

National Geographic Kids: kids.nationalgeographic.com/

PBS kids: https://pbskids.org/

Brain Pop and Brain Pop jr: Excellent source for ALL content. Short "movies" along with activities ttps://jr.brainpop.com/ Username: hadleyschool Password: hadley2020

For some indoor exercise Go Noodle is a great resource that the kids love: https://www.gonoodle.com/

Story March: https://www.sarahbrannen.com/storymarch?fbclid=IwAR1G2Cd2GMwdFdG3QvWYzcfmUu0V1u5MuQlDjQM6jgwxBSiurJa_5zsBQ_U

Storytelling Learning Lab, You’ll find a selection of audio stories from three master storytellers on the K-3 Storytelling Learning Lab, To access click K-3 Learning Lab on blue banner. A one-time registration is required and then click on “storytellers” and listen and enjoy at no cost. www.storypreservation.org

free online resources for students: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NUKLZN7hGSu1Hzm70kfzBKs-lsSELaEMggS60Bi2O2I/htmlview?usp=sharing&usp=embed_facebook&sle=true&pru=AAABcPUKD9I*IyCIsDZb1iPMSx8DK9KnoQ

Teacher Resources

Teachers! Links to curriculum related websites and tools for doing research projects with your students.

LibTech Websites and Activities

Students! Links to technology class games and activities.

Student Work

See examples of research projects, posters, and videos completed in library/technology class.

Important Student Resources

Search for books or grade appropriate websites in the Follett Destiny library Catalog. Use Gale Kids InfoBits and Britannica to find pictures, passages from reference books, and articles from magazines and newspapers on a variety of topics. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders can use Type to Learn to practice typing skills.

Ms. King's (Hadley: Monday, Stanley: Wednesday), Ms. Frasca's (Stanley Thursday & Friday) & Ms. Welch's site (Clarke Monday & Wednesday, Hadley Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

New!! Staff and students at Stanley, Clarke, and Hadley now have access to thousands of eBooks from home and school. Staff and students in 3rd and 4th grade will use Google login to access the eBooks. Students in grade K-2 will use a Follet Destiny identifier available from your school librarian. To begin reading, click the link to the left.

Picture of Follet Destiny Library Catalog

Library Catalog

Use to find books in Swampscott Public School libraries or as a gateway to the web.


Use to find pictures and information on many topics.


Use to find pictures and information on many topics.

Type to Learn

Five minutes a day will key the typing blues away.


Search Destiny Discover library catalog at Hadley


Search Destiny Discover library catalog at Stanley


Search Destiny Discover library catalog at Clarke


Welcome to the elementary library website. This site provides quick access to important curriculum related resources for teachers, parents, and students.

  • Teachers, use the Curriculum Resources menu for research tools and curriculum related websites.

  • Parents, visit the LibTech Websites and Activities menu to see what your student is doing in technology classes.

  • Students, visit the blog pages to see examples of student work and use all of the resources on this site to help you with your school work.

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