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Teachers! Links to curriculum related websites and tools for doing research projects with your students.

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Students! Links to technology class games and activities.

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See examples of research projects, posters, and videos completed in library/technology class.

Important Student Resources

Search for books or grade appropriate websites in the Follett Destiny library Catalog. Use Gale Kids InfoBits and Britannica to find pictures, passages from reference books, and articles from magazines and newspapers on a variety of topics. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders can use Type to Learn to practice typing skills.

Library Catalog

Use to find books in the library or as a gateway to the web.


Use to find pictures and information on many topics.


Use to find pictures and information on many topics.

Type to Learn

Five minutes a day will key the typing blues away.


Welcome to the elementary library website. This site provides quick access to important curriculum related resources for teachers, parents, and students.

  • Teachers, use the Curriculum Resources menu for research tools and curriculum related websites.
  • Parents, visit the LibTech Websites and Activities menu to see what your student is doing in technology classes.
  • Students, visit the blog pages to see examples of student work and use all of the resources on this site to help you with your school work.

Library Happenings for October

Library classes at Stanley, Clarke, and Hadley are participating in Global Read Aloud 2018. The GRA promotes community by connecting children in our town and across the world by sharing diverse books and ideas. During library classes, students have been reading books such as My Heart Fills With Happiness by Monique Grey Smith, Wild Berries by Julie Flett, and A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold.

Students are also engaging in technology projects related to the stories, which they will be sharing with each other and students in Tottenham (Ontario, Canada). Access to the Native American Children's Literature book list. If you'd like to learn more about books related to GRA, go to https://theglobalreadaloud.com/.

Mia Morgan, Ed.D., MLIS

Library Media Specialist at Stanley and Clarke


Denise Wirth, MLIS

Library Media Specialist at Hadley and Clarke


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