We have developed an innovative and fresh approach to Sixth Form studies, offering a modern and dynamic experience for our students. With a clear commitment to the personal development and well-being of each individual, we support students in selecting a programme which suits their specific strengths, interests and abilities, and provides clear routes of progression for their future.

We offer a unique approach in that we build our curriculum around our students. We provide a full range of both vocational and academic courses, including traditional A levels, Level 3 BTECs and specialist occupational qualifications. We have the highest expectations for our students, and place the utmost importance on supporting them to meet their full potential.

Students have the benefit of using top quality facilities at The Sittingbourne School and the Vocational Centre. From specialist sports resources; our own recording studio; modern performance spaces and excellent ICT provision, this new curriculum broadens the number of subjects we are able to offer at the School, as well as providing the best expertise from staff within the Trust.

We also believe in the development of independent learning and transferable skills and, as a consequence, offer a varied enrichment programme including work experience opportunities, mentoring and support for younger students, and the chance to organise and oversee fundraising events to name a few.

We welcome applications from external students as well as those studying in Year 11 at The Sittingbourne School, and look forward to working with you in the future.