Independent Learning

Independent Learning and The Sittingbourne School

Why Independent Learning?

Independent learning is when an individual student is able to think, act and pursue their own studies autonomously, without the same levels of support they receive from a teacher at school. Although still supported by their teacher and school resources, it allows students to take more control over their own learning.

Through Independent learning we aim to create students who are:

  • Confident
  • Hardworking
  • Resilient
  • Motivated
  • Engaged
  • Full of initiative
  • Adaptable

When is Independent Learning set?

Core subjects (English, maths and science) will set work weekly

All other subjects will set work biweekly or even as a project spanning a couple of weeks

Celebration of Independent Learning

Independent learning is not just about students meeting expectations, it is about students reaching their full potential. Therefore celebration is a key element of our independent learning at The Sittingbourne School.

Examples of good independent learning will be rewarded by the teacher and subject leaders through achievement points, presentation of the work in the classroom, phone calls home and by other means.

Examples of exceptional independent learning will be shared with the Teaching and Learning team, the Head of School and shown throughout the Swale Academies Trust. Work of this level will be rewarded by the Teaching and Learning Team.

Google Classroom

Independent learning is set on Google Classroom, students can access this on their smart phones and computers in and outside of school.

Students and parents need to use RM unify to login, this allows access to Google Docs, gmail and Google Classroom.

Not only can they access the work set they can also message their teachers for clarification, help or on other matters. Their Google Drive also provides them with software to create documents which can be then shared with their classroom teachers.

Google Log In Guide and Examples of Independent Learning.mp4

Successful Independent Learning - for students

1. Is carefully thought through. Make sure you spend time on your Independent learning.

2. Is handed in on time. Meet the deadlines set by teachers. If there is a reason a deadline cannot be met speak with the teacher before the deadline.

3. Is challenging. You should not be finding it easy. If you do find it easy how can you make it more challenging?

4. Is presented well. Your work should be laid out carefully and the work handed in should look presentable for a book or a display.

5. Is celebrated. Excellent independent learning is celebrated at TSS. Students will be rewarded for outstanding pieces of work.

Successful Independent Learning - for parents

It is a massive benefit if you take an interest in your child’s independent learning. You can help them with research, presentation or in whatever shape or form you like.

  • Checking Google Classroom for deadlines
  • Encouraging students to check for work and to complete it to their best ability
  • Contacting teachers through Google Classroom or Edulink about the work
  • Helping them explore the topic they are studying
  • Get them to talk about their independent learning
  • Let them teach you about what they are studying


· Aim high

· Speak with confidence

· Persevere

· Investigate

· Read

· Embrace Opportunities

Independent learning is integral to the students following ASPIRE. It provides the students with opportunities to investigate, read, create and explore their skills and knowledge.

It also allows these students an opportunity to unleash their potential and to show their teachers, peers and the whole school of what they are capable of.

Our Tips to ASPIRE further

  • Read for 30 minutes every day and discuss the topics, themes and issues raised.
  • Investigate the topics that interest you, become the expert.
  • Embrace the challenge and learn from failure to find out how to succeed
  • Be proactive—ask questions, prepare for difficulties, evaluate solutions
  • Above all else, take joy from learning and take every opportunity to explore

Getting support

In order to find out if the school can help provide resources to help access independent learning and Google classroom at home please contact Mrs Oxby-Parker

For further information on ASPIRE and students following ASPIRE please contact Ms van Deelan

If you have any enquiries regarding independent learning please contact, Miss Mynott