Driver's Ed

Jordan Driving School offer driver's ed courses to SWA students at Southern Wake Academy and Fuquay-Varina High School.

For questions about signing up for Driver's Ed classes CONTACT:

Tricia Meyers

Fuquay-Varina High School

Voicemail: 919-557-2511 ext. 23860


Helpful Links:

1. Info Session Presentation

Please review the following presentation to learn more about the process to sign up for classes and obtain your permit.

Print and fill out this form to request

​Driver's Ed class sections.

​Return this form to Mrs. Mangum in the front office at SWA.

Print and fill out this form to request​Driver's Ed class sections.

​Return this form to Mrs. Mangum in the front office at SWA.

After you have turned in your form, someone will contact you confirming a class section available for you.

Use this link to pay for your class and reserve your spot.

DO NOT PAY until you have been officially assigned a class by the lead teacher.

After completing Driver's Ed:

After completing Driver's Education, you will receive a Driver's Education Completion Certification. In order to go to the DMV to receive your permit, you must bring your Driver's Ed Completion Certification to Ms. Carlton.

Within 5 school days, Ms. Carlton will then give you a Driver's Education Eligibility Certificate and a copy of your most recent report card. Students must be passing 3/4 of their classes on this report card to receive the eligibility certificate.

Since days at school are very unpredictable, it is strongly advised that you wait to make arrangements to visit the DMV until after you have received the necessary paperwork from Ms. Carlton.

Driver's Education Eligibility Certificates EXPIRE 30 days after issued.

​Do not bring your Driver's Ed Completion Certificate to Ms. Carlton unless you intend to go to the DMV within the next 30 days​ from when it is returned.

*Students who let their eligibility certificates expire should expect delays when requesting an additional certificate.

Why does it take up to 5 school days?

There is simply not an efficient use of Ms. Carlton's time to stop and process paperwork daily. Ms. Carlton typically schedules out a few hours in her week to process paperwork and catch up on emails. Driver's Ed paperwork is much more efficient when done "assembly line" style rather than processing each request individually. Ms. Carlton understands that driving is very exciting for students and is a huge accomplishment, but will not stop to accommodate "emergency" driver's ed requests. Please plan ahead so we can get your student driving as soon as possible!

Can I email Ms. Carlton a copy of my Driver's Ed Completion Certificate?

Absolutely. But please know that this will likely cause your request to take longer than 5 days to be processed. As much as I try to stay current with emails, I am often 3-4 days behind. If you send your Driver's Ed completion certificate through email, it will take me a few days to print it out and add it to my stack to be processed. I am more than happy to do this in order to save parents from making multiple trips to the school.

And finally, how will I know when my Driver's Ed paperwork is READY?

Both the student and the guardian (guardian email on file in PowerSchool) will receive an automated email from Ms. Carlton when their Driver's Ed paperwork is ready to be picked up from the front office.