Southern Wake Academy

High School Student Services

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School Counseling Mission & Vision for SWA Students...

​Serving the WHOLE student to produce ACADEMIC success

SWA School Counseling MISSION statement:

The mission of the Southern Wake Academy Counseling Program is to provide a developmental curriculum that encourages growth in the areas of academic, career, and personal-social development in order to support the highest level of student achievement and enable all students to experience educational success. ​

SWA School Counseling VISION statement:

It is the desire of Southern Wake Academy to participate in making learning a lifelong journey for our students. We want to meet our students where they are and help them to obtain their goals both during and after their time at SWA. We will set the bar high for our students academically and assist them in achieving those academic, emotional, and career standards along the way. All students participate in a rigorous curriculum and high-quality opportunities for self-directed personal growth supported by the comprehensive schooling program that facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family, and community.

What does a School Counselor do?

School-wide, Comprehensive Programming

Future PlanningHelp students discover strengths, skills, and interestsEducate students about post-secondary options College advisingEquip students with skills to explore potential careers & pursue occupational goalsAcademic coaching4 year planningScheduling Setting students up for success DURING and AFTER high school
Preventative ProgrammingTargeted interventions to contribute to school improvement plans and identified educational gaps
Connect students with outside resourcesEnrichment opportunitiesScholarshipsTherapyCounselingHealth CareSocial Services

Individual Student Services (& Small Groups)

Assist students in the following areas:Academic advisingTardinessBalancing prioritiesTime ManagementOrganizationAnger/BehaviorAnxiety/StressPeer MediationFriendshipsStudy SkillsSocial SkillsSelf-Esteem
Anything that is affecting the student at school OR the student's ability to be successful at schoolPersonal, Social, and/or Emotional