Day 1

My School Info

  • How to find information about your school (Video here)
  • How to compare schools/districts (Video here)
  • How to find school/district trends
  • How to compare more than 5 schools/districts using Statewide Reports (Video here)
  • How to find resources to support parents, teachers, and school leaders in my district

Visit the My School Info YouTube playlist!

SIS Handbook here.

More to explore:

  • How to identify statewide trends using Analyzer: Map (Video here)

Data Center (Part 1)

  • Arkansas Educator Licensure System
  • Job Code Management System
  • Course Code Management System
  • Professional Licensure Descriptions

Arkansas Student Intervention System [DEMO SITE]

DEMO Username: 8008ogagnon

DEMO Password: adetraining

  • How to create interventions, local assessments, groups, and document uploads
  • How to utilize the student academic report
  • How to run reports

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Additional resources here.


DEMO Username:

DEMO Password: adetraining

  • How to find, review, and print a student’s state transcript (Video here)
  • How to narrow results using Advanced Search
  • How to batch print and export to CSV
  • How to give parents/students access to the student transcript
  • How to access assessment data for multiple students (Video here)
  • How to access reports (CTE, Smart Core, Civics Exam) in the Tests tab

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Additional resources here.

Data Center (Part 2)

  • Commissioner's Memos
  • Personnel Directories
  • ADE Employee Directory
  • Security Resources
  • Data Calendar

Review Quiz

Day 2

More to explore

  • Data Dash Newsletter - Sign-up here.
  • Current Ambassadors - List here.
  • Level Up - Memo here.
  • Research Publications - Link here.

Data Privacy

StudentGPS Dashboards [DEMO SITE]

Demo Account information here.

DEMO Username: hsteacher

DEMO Password: adetraining

  • How to identify behavior trends for multiple students. (Video here)
  • How to identify behavior trends for individual students
  • How to identify attendance trends for individual students
  • How to identify students at risk of failing 1 or more subjects
  • How to identify assessment trends
  • How to upload Local Assessment scores (Video here)
  • How to create a Dynamic List (Video here)
  • How to create a Watch List (Video here)

Contact Support:

Arkansas IDEAS

2019 ArkansasIDEAS Highlights

Arkansas Digital Sandbox

DEMO Username:

DEMO Password: ade#2016

  • How to find resources (Video here)
  • How to upload content (Video here)
  • How to create easily accessible video recordings (Tutorial here)
  • How to livestream school events and morning announcements (Videos and tutorials here)

Further things to explore:

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Crossword Quiz

day 2 reflections

Who are we?

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Technology Projects Coordinator

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Grants & Special Projects Coordinator