Day 1

ADE Quick Links

Watch the video here.

My School Info

  • How to find information about your school (Video here)
  • How to compare schools/districts (Video here)
  • How to find school/district trends
  • How to identify statewide trends using Analyzer: Map (Video here)
  • How to compare more than 5 schools/districts using Statewide Reports (Video here)
  • How to find resources to support parents, teachers, and school leaders in my district

Visit the My School Info YouTube playlist!

SIS Handbook here.

Data Center (Part 1)

  • Arkansas Educator Licensure System
  • Job Code Management System
  • Course Code Management System
  • Professional Licensure Descriptions

Arkansas Student Intervention System [DEMO SITE]

DEMO Username: 8008ogagnon

DEMO Password: adetraining

  • ACT 930 (View here)
  • How to view AIPs/IRIs from the previous year
  • How to view ACT Aspire scores
  • How to generate Student Academic Report (Tutorial here)
  • How to batch print (Tutorial here)
  • ASIS Reflection Activity (

Commissioner's Memos regarding ASIS:

Further things to explore:

  • How to create a new AIP/IRI and "use as template" (Tutorial here)
  • Nearpod Survey Results (TBA)

Contact Support:



Password: adetraining

  • How to find and print a student’s state transcript (Video here)
  • How to narrow your search results (Post here)
  • How to give parents access to the student transcript (Video here)
  • What “tests” are available?
  • How to analyze ACT Aspire Interim data (Video here)
  • How to combine "test" files in a single download

Further things to explore:

  • SmartCore report (Video here)

Contact Support:

Data Center (Part 2)

  • Commissioner's Memos
  • Personnel Directories
  • Standards Annual Accreditation System (SAAS)

Day 2

Arkansas on itunes u

Watch the video here.

More to explore

  • Research & Technology Monthly Webinars - Register here.
  • Data Dash Monthly Newsletter - Sign-up here.
  • More Training - Request here.
  • ADE Data & Research Request Application - Link here.
  • Current Ambassadors - List here.
  • LMS Vendor Survey Summary - View here.
  • LMS Vendor Survey Full - View here.
  • MyVRSpot App (iOS)
  • MyVRSpot Broadcaster App (iOS & Android)

Arkansas Digital Sandbox

DEMO Username:

DEMO Password: ade#2016

  • How to find resources (Video here)
  • How to upload content (Video here)
  • How to create easily accessible video recordings (Tutorial here)
  • How to livestream school events and morning announcements (Videos and tutorials here)
  • How to create a quiz using media content (Videos and tutorials here)
  • How to create student projects (Videos and tutorials here)

Further things to explore:

Contact Support:

StudentGPS Dashboards [DEMO SITE]

DEMO Username: hsteacher

DEMO Password: adetraining

  • How to identify behavior trends for multiple students. (Video here)
  • How to identify behavior trends for individual students
  • How to identify attendance trends for individual students
  • How to identify students at risk of failing 1 or more subjects
  • How to identify assessment trends
  • How to create a Dynamic List

Further things to explore:

  • Loading local assessment data for STAR Reading, STAR Math, STAR Early Literacy, DSA, DRA, and DIBELS (Video here)
  • Viewing building level data
  • How to generate your StudentGPS Usage report for TESS (Video here)

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Data Center (Part 3)

  • Accountability Reports
  • ADE School Report Card
  • Educator Preparation Provider Reports

Data Privacy

Training presentation here.

Training module here.

Data Logic Grid

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