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Counselor Companion was designed for Counselors, by Counselors. This new tool will benefit counselors by:

  • Providing easy access to a variety of counseling resources.
  • Allowing counselors to monitor all students’ progress on their career steps.
  • Eliminating the need for usernames and passwords to login to GCIS.
  • Eliminating the need to create “My Portfolios” for new students.
  • Allowing students to access their historical GCIS “My Portfolios” information.
  • Eliminating the need to transfer students’ portfolios when they change schools and/or districts.
  • Eliminating duplicate student accounts since the portfolio will now be tied to the student’s unique GTID.


SLDS is glad to announce 2017 Milestones results can be found inside of SLDS. Educators across the state can see the previous year's Milestones earlier than ever before. District and School Administrators can see the results in the Historical Dashboard and the Operational Dashboard. Teachers can see their current students' results from last year on the Teacher's Dashboard. In addition, parents are able to see the results for their child on the SLDS Parent Portal.

*Other 2017 Assessments that have already been imported into SLDS - ACCESS, GKIDS, Pre-K, and Headstart results.

As always, SLDS is trying to find ways to provide more timely data to the fistricts around the state. With that in mind, the SLDS Team has developed a process that will allow districts to "release" their preliminary data to be seen within SLDS as early as the district desires. This process should be available for the Winter EOC. More information will be released later in the fall.

Hello superintendents,

I wanted to make sure you are aware of some new resources available to your teachers. Our team worked directly with Georgia educators to completely redesign and enhance the Teacher Resource Link available through the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). Below is information you can share with your teachers and others within your system who may be interested. Click here

for a printable flyer.

The redesigned Teacher Resource Link is Georgia’s one-stop shop for teachers, with user-friendly search options and more than 28,000 resources categorized by grade-level standards. The new site features an Essential Toolkit for teachers along with curriculum maps, frameworks, glossaries, teacher guidance and downloadable resources. Please note that there are resources for all grade levels, and we are excited to roll out the Essential Toolkit for K-5 ELA and math resources now. Further updates for other subjects and high school are currently in development.

The new site features a cleaner design and a simple user interface, allowing you to build a “shopping cart” of downloadable resources to save, store, and share. You can sort by grade level and resource type, and new advanced search options make it easier to find documents. The redesigned TRL can be a powerful tool for your classroom, providing coherent instructional resources aligned with state standards.

To access these resources, click on the “TRL” tab within the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).

Thank you for sharing these resources, and best wishes as the new school year begins!

Richard Woods,

State School Superintendent

The Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is designed to help districts, schools, and teachers make informed, data-driven decisions to improve student learning. SLDS is a free application that is accessed via a link in the district’s Student Information System (SIS). SLDS provides districts, schools, and teachers with access to historical data, including Assessments, Attendance, Enrollment, Courses, that help Identify students' academic strengths and weaknesses, Increase student achievement and close achievement gaps, identify and address potential recurring impediments to student learning, e.g., problems with attendance or difficulty in mastering prerequisite knowledge or skills, before they negatively affect student success.

TRL Overview

A Diagram for Using SLDS for School Improvement

What are the indicators?

Where are the deficiencies?

How do we fix the deficiencies?

How do we ensure that we’ve fixed the deficiencies?

Required steps that need to be completed in order to receive access to SLDS:

1. Attend one of the GaDOE Security, Privacy, and SLDS training sessions. Those who did not attend one of the face-to-face training sessions in March may go to and view the recording of the entire training session. This link will require you to register to watch the recording. Please be sure to use the first name, last name, and email address that you use as a GaDOE employee, as this is how we will mark you as “completed” for step 1. Registering for the recording and viewing it in its entirety will satisfy this step.

2. Complete and sign the Certificate of Non-Disclosure.

Complete the FERPA 101 and FERPA 201 online training courses that are located at

*To complete these courses, once on the page, scroll down to the section titledTRAINING VIDEOS, then click on the video called FERPA 101 for Local Education Agencies to complete the FERPA 101 training. The first time you try to access the course, you must click the button to "Register as a new user." It is located just under the boxes where you sign in. Once you register, those are the credentials you will use to sign in for both courses. Be sure to print out the certificate of completion for the course. Next click on the video called FERPA 201: Data Sharing under FERPA to complete the FERPA 201 training--be sure to print out the certificate of completion for this course as well.

4. Complete and sign either the GaDOE Employee Request Access to School-Level SLDS(Non-PII version of SLDS), or the GaDOE Employee Request Access to SLDS (Student-level PII access to SLDS). On each form, there is space for you to clearly explain your need for the level of access that you are requesting. Your supervisor must sign this form as well.

Submit all four documents (Certificate of Non-Disclosure, FERPA 101 certificate, FERPA 201 certificate, and SLDS access request form) to Jessica Blackley ( ) in the Office of Technology Services, suite 1966. You may either scan and email your documentation, or you may bring the hardcopies directly to her desk.

For Georgia SLDS information and training requests, please visit

Thanks so much for everything you do to help our schools and districts in Georgia achieve. If you have additional requests for additional resources to support our work with schools and districts, please contact me.


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