Technology Tool Box

Russell Paine |

What if you could pick any video from Youtube, embed a formative assessment into it within seconds, share it out to your Google Classroom, and track your student's progress for free?

for In-class

Rotation StationsIndividual workListening comprehension

for Homework

Complement your lessonDemonstrate math solutionsIntroduce grammar & vocabPrepare for class debates

for Review

Key unit conceptsExam study guidesClassroom/Lab rules

Don’t re-invent the wheel! Save time!

You Can Copy...

Copy a lesson from another teacher

You can search YouTube...

Look for any YouTube video

You Can Upload...

Upload your own videos

Make any video your lesson

1. Go to edpuzzle.com2. Sign up as a teacher3. Connect school and department.4. Follow the tutorial to create your first video-lesson

Get officially certified for Edpuzzle in topics including mastering Edpuzzle, Flipped Learning, Google Tools, Tech Integration, or Project Based learning (PBL).