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Overcoming Personal Constraints

12 Killer Constraint # 8 Turtles (Resistant to Change)

Resistant to Change

Killer Constraint # 8: Turtles ()

Turtles don't like change. Turtles don't like to rethink and overhaul familiar and comfortable routines. They'd rather withdraw than face up to changes. However, change is the only thing certain in life and people should learn to adapt to it. If people can't change, they will find it hard to survive in today's world. It's that simple.
Getting Started with Quizlet: a presentation for teachers

Getting Started with Quizlet

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study application that allows students to study information via learning tools and games. Its creators claim that it is currently used by two-thirds of high school students and half of university students in the United States.

Getting Organized With Google 2020

Getting Organized with Google

Have you thought about upgrading your organizational skills this year, but can't seem to escape the traditional sticky notes and notepads that you love so much? Does your workspace and desktop need a little decluttering? What if there was a simplified way to take notes and organize files that you could find at any given time regardless of the device you were on? Well, there is, and Google has created the tools to do just that. In this session, Russell will show you how to accomplish your goal. You will receive hands-on training with Google Tasks, Keep, Calendar, & Drive! *Bonus: Fun and useful tips!*

Educational Technology Resources

SWRESA | Applied Digital Skills Deck

Google | Applied Digital Skills

Applied Digital Skills is a free, online digital skills curriculum that has lessons for a wide range of students, from late elementary-school students to college students. Instead of teaching digital skills with an instruction manual, this curriculum uses a series of videos to guide students through creating a project from scratch. This means that students who complete a lesson leave with a useful project such as a resume, a college plan, an interactive story, and more.

Copy of Google Tools for Struggling Students

Google Tools for Struggling Students

There are many tools, apps, extensions, and features available for Google Chrome to assist struggling learners and students with special needs. Take an in-depth hands-on look at tools to address text to speech, speech to text, readability, reading comprehension, navigation, communication, behavior and focus, and more.

Outline:1) Overview of how to find, install, and use Chrome Web Extensions (6 minutes) 2) Text to speech tools (10 minutes) 3) Speech to text tools (10 minutes) 4) Readability tools (12 minutes) 5) Reading comprehension tools (10 minutes) 6) Behavior and focus tools (3 minutes) 7) Navigation tools (3 minutes) 8) Chrome browser features (3 minutes) 9) YouTube features (3 minutes)
Getting Going With Google 2020
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Get Organized and Be Productive with Google Tasks & Keep
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Famous Person Infographic

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