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Teachers at Title 1 schools know that life isn’t fair for students.

While some teens are out with friends or at home playing video games, many Title 1 students are taking care of their younger siblings and working part-time jobs. Kimberlee, a middle school math teacher, teaches in a community with its fair share of challenges:

  • 90% of students are low-income

  • Many students spend lots of time helping out at home

  • The community faces issues of gangs and drugs

  • Students hear or see gun violence regularly

When these students struggle with schoolwork, how can we blame them? A teacher like Kimberlee doesn’t place blame but rather finds a way to help kids learn.

For Kimberlee’s students, watching a 5-minute video at home was easier than doing the problems in a math textbook. So she flipped her classroom with Edpuzzle to teach math to her students. But Kimberlee’s impact goes beyond teaching students to draw inequalities on a number line. She has also worked with her school to create Think Tank, an after-school program where students can do their work in a safe and quiet environment. Kimberlee can’t control her students’ lives outside of school, but by using Edpuzzle and through her own dedication, she increased her students' homework completion rates from 50% to 98%.

Teaching media studies using popular vlogs

It’s no secret that the media landscape is changing fast. When's the last time you saw a student read a newspaper? And many students rarely watch traditional TV! This can be challenging and frustrating for teachers who want to equip students with the right skills for consuming information, like a media studies teacher.

Troy, a media studies teacher in Indiana, recognized this shift in student tastes and decided to run with it. He presents students with YouTube videos from popular vloggers like Casey Neistat, using these fun clips to teach his media studies curriculum.

With the Edpuzzle YouTube plugin, Troy can save time by finding popular YouTube videos and quickly turning them into lessons. And Edpuzzle’s reporting allows him to ensure that all of his students actually watch the lessons.

Just because these lessons feature popular videos, don’t think that Troy “waters down” his curriculum. He embeds critical thinking questions to push student thinking and ensure their understanding of his media studies curriculum.

When Troy’s students watch videos they love, they‘re more engaged in learning about media studies.