Professional Learning

Update your RESA Profiles Now

Each year, teachers are re-assigned to schools within the district or relocate to a new school district. When this occurs, the principal who approved a teacher's professional learning requests changes, also. The best time to update your SWRESA Profile is now! Follow the link below to see a video with screenshots and audio describing how to create or update a profile if you need help!

Creating a Profile on SWGA RESA Registration Page:

1. Type in your search box southwest Georgia resa.

2. On the Home Page click Professional Learning

3. Create a Profile – type in your email address – just type in basics: name, email, school - click submit

4. If it takes, you’re now ready to register. If not, it will give you a message to contact Helen Smith to get your profile completed.

To Register for a Class:

1. Click Professional Learning – All Classes to Date

2. Find your class – register by entering your email address

3. You will get a drop-down box; click one bullet item

4. It asks you to confirm registration – confirm

5. It will state that you have registered

6. After this process, your registration automatically goes to your principal or the person assigned to do approvals. Once approved at the school level – it goes to the District Office for approval – then to SWGA RESA.

7. Once you receive RESA Approval – you, your principal & your Curriculum Director will receive an email from Helen stating that you’ve been approved to attend the workshop.

We will continue to award PLU's for our Professional Learning, as I state in the video, but professional learning guidelines and teacher certification renewal requirements have changed and can be referenced by following this link:

The approval process for Professional Learning has not changed. When a teacher registers for PL on the RESA website, an approval request is sent to the teacher's principal. Once approved by the principal, an approval request is sent to the district office. When the district office approves the request. Upon receiving this final approval, SWRESA (Helen Smith)sends a confirmation, by email, to the teacher.

Please help us by creating or updating your profile and completing the contact information within the profile. If you need any assistance, please contact:

Jennifer Hand, or Jennifer Majors,