Famous Person Infographic

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How to set up Captions:

From your Google Slides presentation, click PresentOnce in presentation mode, move your mouse to the bottom leftIn the presentation toolbar, select Captions. To change the placement or font size of your captions, use the drop-down menu

by TechyCoach

Google just released a new feature allowing users to insert MP3 and WAV files into their slide presentations. It's very new and very simple to use. While it may take time to show up on consumer accounts and education domains, be patient because it is well worth waiting for. Here's how to add audio:

  1. Open a slideshow from Google Drive or navigate to http://slides.new

  2. Click Insert

  3. Choose Audio

  4. Locate your MP3 or WAV file and Select

  5. While selected, click Format Options to set up your audio file's desired settings

  6. Present