Southwest GA RESA's

Google Certified Educator's Cohort (GCEC)

Our Goal is to help Educators achieve the Google Level 1 status, which indicates that the teacher is able to successfully implement G Suite for Education into their teaching practice in order to enhance teaching and learning.

13 units | 39 lessons | Approx. 12 hours to complete

*Important: it's also available in multiple languages

Test Taking Tips

  1. Don’t take too much time on any one section. Come back to it at the end if you have time.

  2. Go through Level 1 & 2 training even if you are experienced with GAFE.

  3. Pin the testing tab so you don’t accidentally close it.

Level 1 - $10 | Level 2 - $25

Will take up to 24 hours to

gain access to the test after

you request it.

What if I don’t pass? It happens……

Pay again and retake

  • 2 weeks

  • 60 days

  • 1 year

  1. Must have webcam enabled.

  2. You will use a special login created just for you.

  3. 7 days to complete once you get the login. (Pay attention to the UTC time—-convert to your time zone!)

  4. Valid for 24 months.

  5. Do not have to complete Level 1 to take Level 2

  1. Be prepared to sit for the full three hours

  2. Shut out distractions--dogs, kids, cell phone

  3. Have two computers ready to go—-PLUG THEM IN!

  4. Have access to RELIABLE internet- 5 min to get logged back in if you get booted off

Google Certified Educator Cohort 2019-2020

The GCEC will prepare educators for the Google L1 Certification Exam by providing hands on experience in a professional development setting located at Southwest GA RESA.