Self Grading Quizzes

This video tutorial will show you how to use the new grading feature in the New Google Forms. Create quizzes in Google Forms and have students quickly see their results. Google Forms will mark the test you have created.

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Import Questions into Google Forms

As long as Google Forms has been around, teachers have asked me if there is a way to create a semester review or test that included questions from unit tests. Like most out there, they wanted the ability to recycle questions with a bit of modification, but without reinventing all those questions.

In July, Google answered the pleas from so many of you and added the Import Questions tool to the floating toolbar in Forms. Just click this icon, choose the form from which you want to import questions, and a sidebar opens with a list of questions you've previously used. Click on the desired question or questions, and choose Import Questions.

  1. Click the Import Questions icon on the floating toolbar

  2. Choose the form from which you want to import questions

  3. Select your questions

  4. Click Import Question(s)

Google Form Challenge #1

  1. Each member creates a Google Form to inquire about their team members (At least 5 questions such as Name, Email, Favorite Food, Hobby, Dream). Use ALL types of response ! (See Sample here:

  2. Each member of the group must fill out their member’s form.

  3. Each member share their response sheet to (See Sample here: response sheet )

  4. The fastest member that finishes the response sheet with all questions completed with diverse types of response is the WINNER!

Three EASY formulas: Sparklines, Is Email, and QR Codes!