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Bulleted Emojis

Our students love emoji and, when used appropriately and in moderation, they tend to make people smile, so why not spice up bulleted lists with some emoji?

Learn how in this #EduGIF and in this post.

New Comments

Ever wonder how to make bold text in Google Docs comments!? Well, this post and GIF have the answer for you: surround your text with asterisks for bold, underscores for italics and hyphens for strikethrough!

Pre-formating Font

Pre-formatting font in Google Docs so that student answers *POP* out at you when you're assessing them. A lot of elementary school teachers love to kick this up a notch by creating tables for student answers - this not only makes them easier to find, but makes it less likely that students modify that original content (i.e., your questions or prompts). More details here!