Bootcamp - Amplified IT

Assignment 1 Create OUs under your name

Create the following OUs under your Named OU: Bootcamps > {Location} > {Yourname}



Student > Elementary

Student > Middle

Student > High

Assignment 2 - Users & OU's

User Activities

{Yourname} is equal to your personal name

Create a new user account under Bootcamps > {Location} > {Yourname} > Student > Elementary and give it a name

Locate and Suspend the {Yourname}student2 account

Restore Drive files from the last 25 days for {Yourname}student1

Locate your newly created user account and using the User property cards add the user to the Services Admin Role

Also add the user to the Bootcamp Teachers (Don't Delete) group and make them a Manager

Delete {Yourname}Student2 account, choose to transfer drive files only to {Yourname}Student3 during deletion

Turn off Directory Sharing for {Yourname}Student1, {Yourname}Student4

Assignment 3

Create a Google Group called {Yourname}HighStudents, select Restricted for the group type

Add all the {Yourname}Studentx users to this group as members

Assignment 4

Set {Yourname}Student4 as the owner of the group

Assignment 5

Configure the "Publish Posts" setting for your {Yourname}HighStudents group

Set so that only Owners can post

Assignment 6

Create a new Matter search called {Yourname}Bullying Investigation

Configure your matter to search Google Drive files Root > Students - "Do Not Delete" for the keyword "dead". Note the title of the document found and preview its contents.