Health Office

Welcome to the Health Office! Here you can find information and documents needed to keep your student healthy and feeling their best while learning at Twin Peaks Charter Academy! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

~Laura Woeste or 303-772-7286 Option #3.

Individual Health Plans

If your student has a medical condition such at Asthma, Severe Food Allergy, Diabetes or Seizure Disorder you will need to provide an updated Individual Health Plan for your student each school year. Below are blank copies of these forms that you may print and take with you to the physician to have them complete. Please return these to the health office as soon as possible along with necessary medication. Medication needs to be in the original container and clearly marked with with your student's name. If you have any questions you may reach out to the health office at 303-772-7286 Option #3 or contact me through email

Seizure Action Plan.pdf
Blank Asthma Plan.pdf
Blank Allergy Plan.pdf
Permission To Medicate Form.pdf
Asthma Self Carry Contract.pdf
Nebulizer Individual Health Plan.pdf

Immunization Information and exemption forms

Immunization Non Medical Exemption- English.pdf
Immunization Non Medical Exemption - Spanish.pdf