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Liberal Arts or STEM?

Both paths have value for the college bound student. A liberal arts education most often refers to a course of study that provides a broad education that strives to develop intellectual ability, or the well formed mind. A classical education strives to accomplish the same goal. Notably, the 21st century high school model of education are setting students into STEM and technical pathways sooner than later. The Academy is devoted to preparing the graduate to enter any field of study. A few articles linked below demonstrate the liberal arts major is far from becoming obsolete.

Why Stem Students Need the Liberal Arts

STEM may be the future - but liberal arts are timeless

TPCA & Technology

The Board of Directors have provided clear guidance with regards to not pursuing a 1:1 device plan (iPads) at the Academy. Our school thinks of technology as a tool, not the centerpiece of an education. We are not luddites, we have computer labs, chromebook carts, multi-media tools, etc. However, we maintain too much screen time in general is not a good thing. The paucity of research regarding screen time in schools should give all of us pause. A few articles and links below might give you, the parent some timely information.

Negative Impact of Devices in the Classroom

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley


A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens

Early Childhood Education, Pre-school & Kindergarten