Career Counselling @ SVP

SVP Career Counsellor

Ms. Frascilly Sijabat

The excitement of college counselling at SVP is that the world is our campus. Each year our students apply to and enrol at universities all around the world including Indonesia..

SVP students are educated to become lifelong learners and active, responsible citizens fully prepared to continue their studies anywhere in the world. Our graduates leave SVP to attend colleges and universities across the world.

Admissions officers value applications from SVP because they know that our students contribute a distinctive maturity, intellectual vitality, and broad outlook to their student body - they embody the SVP Champion spirit. Our International Baccalaureate curriculum imparts a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent research, critical and creative thought, and international-mindedness. Grounded with the knowledge and skills from the IB curriculum and other classes, SVP graduates easily adapt to the rigor of college academics.

Stay up-to-date with the Career's Office

We encourage you to consult the following places for College Office resources and time-sensitive updates:

  • College Corner: This bulletin is the primary resource for information from the Career's Office. It includes links to important documents, upcoming deadlines, useful instructions, notices about upcoming events and college visitors, and highlights from past events you may have missed.
  • ManageBac: The Career Team posts updates to ManageBac with important reminders, exciting event invitations, and all visits from college representatives.
  • Email: The Career's Office sometimes sends important alerts via email to their students/families with important updates about the application process.

High School Profile

When applying to universities it is often a good idea to attach a copy of our High Profile so that prospective universities can have a better idea of the quality school from which you have just graduated. Click here to access the SVP High School Profile.

Oxford Study Courses

These revision courses can make your life easier at a very stressful time, and greatly improve your chances of getting into the university of your choice. These courses are designed for IB Diploma students in their final year.

The best IB teachers in schools will tell you that a short, intensive revision course, with another great IB teacher, is invaluable. A fresh voice, with new ways of explaining the material, taking you through the key elements that you find challenging, can bring a new clarity and confidence in subjects at just the right time to improve final grades. You will work with new classmates, in a new environment, which will give your energy and motivation a boost just when you need it. Click here

SAT Test Centre

We are now an official SAT Test centre and as such you may take your SAT exam on March 9, 2019 at our school.

Source: Click here