Supplementary Swedish Education



Supplementary Swedish

Swedish children or children with a Swedish connection, who attend their regular school education at other schools can receive supplementary education in Swedish here at the Swedish school.

The goal with this part of our operation is to strengthen and develop the Swedish language both in speech and writing. The children are taught Swedish culture and traditions, geography, history and social studies. Swedish current affairs are also a natural part of the education. In our premises there is a large library of Swedish books and weekly magazines with news made especially for children.

The education is aimed for children aged 6-16 and is conducted one afternoon a week by educated Swedish teachers. The children are divided into groups according to age and language level so that the education can be as individually adapted as possible. From grade 6, students read Swedish through distance education as a single subject through Sofia Distance ( and receive supervision every two weeks from us.

We follow the Swedish National Agency for Education's curriculum for supplementary education in Swedish. (Kursplan i svenska för kompletterande undervisning för svenska elever i utlandet).