Primary Education

Primary Education

Our school offers primary education from grade 1 up to grade 6 (age 6-12) and we follow the Swedish curriculum, Lgr 11.


The education takes place in small groups, with a high teacher to student ratio. All our teachers have a teacher education and regularly participate in continuing education. Within each subject there are clear knowledge requirements and goals, with room for each student's own prerequisites and needs. The students are involved in their own learning and in the goals they work to achieve. With a mixture of fun, dynamic teaching and exciting excursions we want to create the foundation for lifelong learning.

We also have regular class councils and school councils where students have the opportunity to influence their learning environment.


We have a close collaboration and dialogue with the students' parents and each semester we have development talks. Each student's development is continuously documented in written reviews and followed up in an individual development plan. The school, parents and students work together for each student to develop and to achieve highly both in terms of knowledge and social competence.


One of the school's priorities is language learning. We therefore offer language education in Swedish, German and English with educated teachers and native speakers. The students are naturally integrated into the German language and into Austrian society, through collaborations with an “Austrian partner school”, visits to the local area and various cultural activities.

Student Health

During the school day lunch, fruit and snacks are served. To give students the opportunity to be out and move as much as possible, we have two longer breaks each day and two hours of scheduled physical education each week. We also have after school activities which continues after the end of the school day.


This is an area that we have been working a lot with in recent years. The school has sets of iPads and Chromebooks for each class and each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board or projector. Our digital tools are regularly used by teachers and students and the older students also have access to our Google Classroom learning platform.