James Reed

Technology Integrationist/Teacher

I grew up in Arkansas and Nebraska. This is my 18th year at Southern Valley. For the last two years, I've been the technology integration specialist and will continue to do that along with teaching four new classes this year, 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, 7th Digital Media, and Digital Media (9-12). I also teach a Striv (live streaming) class.

Mr. Reed Sub Lesson Plans April 19-20
Picture of a grant being presented to Mr. Reed

Representatives from Cargill, Joe Culver, Doug Burkey, Pat Hoxmeier, and Alex Lans, presented the $12,000 check to Mr. James Reed, technology integration specialist and Mr. Darren Tobey, superintendent, on June 18. (Photo attached, taken by Roni Lewis, Oxford Standard).

SV Received $12,000 Grant from Cargill!

We will use the funds to purchase iPad Minis and iPad charging carts for the elementary. We plan to purchase two carts for the elementary. The iPads will allow students to access educational apps to learn math facts, help with reading skills, explore science, math, and help keep students engaged in their individual learning styles.

With Cargill's financial support, we are able to provide iPad Minis carts to students without having to spend taxpayer money. Students will be able to learn basic facts of math, science, social studies, as well as improve their reading skills through using educational apps on the iPads.

From the Cargill Foundation website http://www.cargill.com/corporate-responsibility/community-engagement/charitable-giving/headquarters-giving/index.jsp

Other Grants

(From 2011) The Modern Problems (MP) class is participating in a project called, “Empowering Nebraska’s Youth.” The class has been working with Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Peter Longo from the University of Wyoming and the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK). On December 3, 2008 we met the other schools involved in the project at the state capitol for the Empowering Nebraska’s Youth Summit.

In the 2008-2009 school year, the MP class conducted a survey of students in grades 7-12, in which we discovered a great interest in a student store where students could purchase snacks. Since we are located 8 miles from the nearest convenience store, having snacks available before and after school as well as on the weekends for students involved in activities made sense. The class then began discussing how a student-led store could work. After much debate, the class decided to purchase a snack vending machine.

On January 11, 2010, the Modern Problems class presented a proposal to the Southern Valley School Board seeking approval for a snack vending machine to be located in the commons. With a vote of 6-0, the proposal passed. The Modern Problems class sold ponytail holders and flash drives (donated through a grant from the University of Nebraska Foundation) to raise funds to pay for the snack vending machine as well as to stock it. The class also ran the concession stand for a concert that was held at Southern Valley. We then purchased the machine and installed it in the high school commons.

Modern Problems Class Grants

2010-2011 The MP class developed a grant process in which individuals or school groups may apply for a grant that will go toward a project or need that will directly benefit students at Southern Valley. We use profits from the snack vending machine to fund these projects. So far, we have granted two Netbook computers for the Guidance Office at a cost of $560, donated $50 to the Junior Class, used $148 for the purchase of Adobe Elements 9 for the Journalism class, donated $50 to support a student that will attend Harvard University in the summer of 2011, and donated $200 to a local family to help with medical expenses.

We have also benefited from donations from the Village of Oxford, the Oxford Thrift Store, as well as a private donation from Mr. Dave Hunt, of Principal Financial in Holdrege, NE. These funds have been used to purchase 7 netbooks that students may check out and take home if they need a computer to do an assignment. Students in MP have helped develop check-out policies and forms. Students are also looking for grants that will allow us to purchase more netbooks.

$11,000 Technology Grant from Cameron Foundation, December 2010

Click here to see the Kearney Hub Article about Cameron Grant

In December, 2010, Mr. Reed was informed that he received an $11,000 grant from the Cameron Foundation of Sacramento, California.

With the grant we received for $11,000 from the Cameron Foundation of Sacramento, CA, we decided to let teachers in grades K-12 propose technology ideas for their classrooms. We used the grant process that we have established to distribute these funds. Teachers submitted proposals to the MP class, then presented their ideas to the class and answered questions from the MP students, Mr. Reed, and Mr. Lambert. The MP students and Mr. Reed developed a scoring rubric to score each proposal. On Thursday, February 24, 2011, the students, Mr. Reed, and Mr. Lambert then met to determine which proposals to fund.

We received the following technology proposals from teachers:

  • Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Schoen and Mrs. Hoxmeier- one Smart Table, $6856
  • Elementary PE, Mr. Tobey and Mrs. Tarkington- a Wii Classroom, $1,400
  • High School English/Drama, Mrs. Bose- 5 Macbooks, $3,500
  • High School English/Speech, Mrs.Hinkle- 25 netbooks, $7,725
  • Junior/Senior High English/Journalism, Mrs. McQuay- 1-4 desktops, $1,000-$4,000

Total amount proposed: $23,481

After having the teachers come to class and present their proposals to the Modern Problems class, myself and Mr. Lambert, we devised a two-tiered voting system in which we voted for either the Kindergarten proposal or Mrs. Hinkle’s proposal, since they were the two large budget items. Mr. Lambert then informed the class that he would be able to fund Mr. Tobey’s proposal, so we then voted on how much to fund Mrs. Hinkle, Mrs. Bose, and Mrs. McQuay. Each student had one vote, Mr. Lambert and I also had one vote in deciding which proposal to fund. After looking at several scenarios, we decided to fund the following proposals:

Mrs. Hinkle: 20 netbooks ($5600)

Mrs. Bose: 3 Macbooks ($1950)

Mrs. McQuay: 4 desktops ($4000)

The total amount of funding equals $11,550, so $550 was used from the Modern Problems snack vending machine budget to help fund these proposals.

Mr. Lambert (Southern Valley Superintendent/High School Principal) used Sped ARRA funds and NCLB monies for the Kindergarten and Elementary PE proposals to be funded.

The following students were in the Modern Problems class and participated in dispersing the grant money:

Josh Bachman, Jaci Ballou, Dakota Campbell, John Dodson, Tyler Jacobs, Ashley Kemp, Schyler McClain, Kyle McLellan, Brice Nagy, Dillon Noel, Paige Quinn, and Alex Vela.

Computer Access/Internet Access Study 2010-2011

In the fall of 2010, the MP class conducted a K-12 computer inventory in order to assess the computer needs at Southern Valley. In order to fully assess our need for more computers, the MP class is also working on three questionnaires that will be distributed to students in grades 3-6, 7-12, as well as to the K-12 teachers. These questionnaires will be asking about computer use and access at home and school, computer knowledge, and technical support. The results of these questionnaires will be tallied by Professors Anderson and Longo from UNK. We will present out results to the Southern Valley Administration and perhaps the school board.

Since approximately 50% of the students at Southern Valley qualify for free/reduced lunch, we think it is necessary to identify how many students have access to computers and/or internet at home. Once we have these results, we will ask local telecommunications company to offer free internet to Southern Valley’s students. Having computers available for students to take home is great, but they are limited in what they can do if they do not have internet access.


University of Nebraska Foundation Article: https://nufoundation.org/-/article-mentor-adviser-professor-and-friend

Renewal: http://www.nnerpartnerships.org/index.html

Contact Mr. Reed at: james.reed@sveagles.org