Jessie Thalheim

A little about myself:

Education : Bachelor of Science in 7-12 Natural Science Education from Chadron State College

Experience: Taught 1 Year at Arapahoe Public Schools and have spent the last 4 years at Southern Valley as the "Life" Science/ Middle School Science Teacher.

Family- Interests- Hobbies:

  • My husband Avery and I have been married for 6 years. Avery farms and ranches with his dad and brother. We have 2 of the best TRUE farm dogs Daisy and Ace. The Thalheims are Movie Fanatics and love a great Funny Action Film.
  • I really enjoy living in the country and have a huge skyline to watch the sunset on every night. I also love having bottle caves because they are cute and I get to name them funny names. Avery might have a different opinion on the bottle caves and I don't blame him he is the one feeding them in the morning until school gets out.
  • I stay very active and love to try out new workout videos. I am currently working on increasing the distance that I can run without stopping. My dog Ace really likes to run with me but we are still working on controlling her levels of excitement as she likes to circle back and cut me down at the knees.

Classes that I teach:

Anatomy - Junior/Senior Level Science

Biology - Sophomore Level Science

8th Grade Earth Science

7th Grade Life Science

Links for Class:



Quizlet Live

Contact Information

Phone Number- (308)-868-2222