On the Oregon Sail (2018), Video

A body of video work created under the mentorship of Margot Norton, Curator at New Museum.

Exhibited in March of 2018 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery.

Pink; Silver; Blue (2018)

A self-published flip book with my writing accompanied by bits of video art.

Spell It Out for Me (2018) - Digital Photographs

Selection of images from a series of photographs detailing a botched love spell.

Cyanotypes of a citrine crystal for an article about my upcoming film, Summer Reading.

Untitled (2018), Video

Found footage of a man who has adopted an orphaned fawn is paired with my own footage of women in Central Park.

A stock photograph of a fawn's pelt was printed as a cyanotype, scanned, and multiplied to create a pattern. This pattern was then printed in the darkroom once more as a cyanotype, scanned, and animated to slowly shift and rotate as stars do in the night sky.

What Dracula Sees from His Window (2018). Video

Antietam (2016), Gelatin Silver Print from Paper Negative

From handmade zine, "Branwen" (2016)

Pasticceria (2016), Video

A silent recounting of a shitty date in Manhattan.

Untitled (2016), Video