Suzart Productions is proud to present a bold new festival that has never been done in Ottawa before!

Welcome to our musical theatre festival devoted to musical shorts. This year it will be recorded and streamed online in February of 2022. We are thrilled about this festival.

This is your chance to:

  • Create theatre in a way that is safe for our community.

  • Experiment with new skills in producing theatre for a virtual world.

  • Connect and learn together while creating something new.

There is a $25 entrance fee per musical short team.

(This entrance fee is not a financial barrier. Contact a festival director to discuss further)

This site is packed with information to get your started. Take the time to read through this page to learn about what the next year looks like, the support you will have, and how to join the festival.

Building the Festival

Building the festival has three phases:


Choose a show and put in your application!

July to December

Make the magic! With the support of the festival team, you will plan, rehearse, and film your show.


Login, share, and experience the festival! This is the chance for you to share the art you've created and enjoy the show!


We're all in this together.

There are two important elements of support in our festival:

Festival Production Team

The festival production team is here to help. Here are a few ways that we will get involved in your musicals:

  • Helping your team to get setup

  • Running workshops on directing for virtual theatre, capturing audio and video, and even representation in community theatre

  • Coaching teams to effectively direct for virtual theatre

  • Editing the videos together

  • Helping you to access Suzart resources (costumes, props, green screens, etc.)

Recording a Musical

After our recent success with Emma: A Pop Musical, we've learned a lot about how to safely capture audio and video for a virtual musical, and how take your vision online.

There are two main options:

  1. Recording individually on green screens and we will help you to edit the musical together with virtual sets. This option is great for teams in different households.

  2. Recording scenes together with your team and we will help you to edit the scenes together.

No need to pick now– we can help you out to determine what's best when it's time to record.

Join the Festival

Learn about the MusicalS

We have selected a set of 12 shows across three themes: Opening Night, Spotlight on Youth, and After Dark. Take a look at the selection by scrolling down below.

Build a Team

Start talking to those around you to assemble a team. Think about:

Director (team lead)

Depending on the show, you might want other key roles.

Put your hat in the ring

Complete the application form at the bottom of this page (or by clicking here).

Don't have a team? We can't make any guarantees, but please fill out the form and we will:

1) See if any team needs any position filled

2) Give solo applicants other opportunities (ex: host a night or sing other musical songs between shows)

Learn About the Musicals

The selection of twelve musicals are organized here by theme. Take a look at all those that spark your interest. There is a lot of potential in these power-packed shows. The cast size is indicated under each show's art, and, if you click on the image it will take you to an information page about the show. Vocal ranges are not listed but there are tracks on each page to listen to!

When you complete the Expression of Interest Application, you will pick your top three musicals and give us an idea of what makes your team right for that show. The festival directors will review all applications and be in contact with you once all applications are received.

Opening Night

Opening Night will be the first set of shows in the festival. These are focused on family-friendly shows that are enjoyable for everyone.

Bittersweet LullabyBook by Will LackerMusic and Lyrics by Dylan GlatthornCast Size: 1M, 1F
Book LoversBook and Lyrics by Talaura HarmsMusic by Jonathan BauerfeldCast Size: 3M, 4F
Run This TownMusic by Assaf GleiznerBook and Lyrics by Cindy SiderisCast Size: 3M, 3F, 3A
Cooking For TwoBook and Lyrics by Charlie O'LearyMusic by Karl HinzeCast Size: 1F, 1M, 1A

Spotlight on Youth

Spotlight on Youth highlights the magic that our youth can create. These shows are written for a younger cast and audience, but people of all ages can come together to create.

Ant and GrasshopperBook and Lyrics by A. J. FreemanMusic by Dimitri LandrainCast Size: 1M, 1F (Flexible)
Franklin Pierce Dragon SlayerBook and lyrics by Preston Max AllenMusic by Will BuckCast Size: 1M,1F
What's Your Wishby Thicket and ThistleCast Size: 3M, 2F
On Your Mark! Music by Aaron KennyBook and lyrics by Danny K. BernsteinCast Size: 2M, 2F, 1A (Flex to 10)

After Dark

Just like Suzart After Dark, these shows focus more on adult content and humour.

Cookie SoireeBook and Lyrics by Justin Anthony LongMusic by Ge EnriqueConcept by Jonny LeeCast Size: 2M, 3F
Welcome to RidgingtonMusic by Luke SteinhauerBook and Lyrics by Jordan SilverCast Size: 2M, 2F
The Answering MachineBook and Lyrics by Kevin HammondsMusic by Andy RoninsonCast Size: 2M, 1F
The Only Thing That MattersBook, Music, and Lyrics by Chris KerriganCast Size: 3F

Build your Team

Your team will be different based on a number of factors: the show, the skills you have and need, and how you're hoping to work together. Team members to consider having, but not all are neccessary:

  • Director that will also act as your team lead (the main contact with the festival and we have support for teams to help with directing)

  • Music Director to help the cast sound their best (we also have music coaches available to support you if you need it!)

  • Stage manager to help organize the shots, recording, and getting the files to the festival

  • And of course: Cast

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • Try out new things! Even if you're new to directing there is a lot of support available to you. This might be just the show to test the waters and learn a whole lot.

  • If you're missing a member of your team, never fear! We can help you out and try to connect you with others to fill the role.

  • Be ready to take on a couple of roles. Perhaps you are the director, an actor, and captain of the glue gun to make props.

  • Our current COVID-19 reality. As you begin assembling your team, think about members of the same household, how you will be able to perform and record together, and how you will work together.

  • Remember that even if you don't have a team, go ahead and put your hat in the ring. There are also other opportunities if teams are full!

Put your hat in the Ring

Now is the time to seize the day! Click the button to here to express your interest through the application. To complete the application you will need:

  • Your contact information

  • Names of your team members

  • Your top three shows

  • A short explanation about why each choice resonates with you. For example, provide some background information on how this story links to your interests, lived experience or something you'd like to explore artistically.

  • Applications are due June 30th

Land Acknowledgement

Suzart Productions recognizes that Ottawa is built on unceded Algonquin and Anishinabe territory. We respect and acknowledge the Algonquin and Anishinabe peoples' enduring presence on this land and we honour the gifts that this land has provided. We support true reconciliation and collaboration with all of Canada’s First Nations people, and recognize Suzart’s role in pursuing justice, healing and peace for all.

Click here for more information about Ontario’s unceded territories: