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About Us - the Business and Professional Development Team

The Business and Professional Development Team is here to support you with any query on selecting the learning event that best meets your needs. We are a busy team and would kindly ask that you first refer to the User Guidance if you need assistance with registration. We would also urge you to carefully check the target group and learning objectives on the system before booking onto a learning event. The trainer has the right to turn you away on the day if it is found that you are not meeting the requirements which is part of the terms of condition for attending the training.

If you have any queries please contact the team via email using childrenstraining@sutton.gov.uk or adultstraining@sutton.gov.uk and we will get back to you within the same day when possible or no longer than 72 hours. For any urgent enquiries please contact Adults Training: 07762409305 and Children training on : 07762409302 or 07395374581 or ring any of the numbers if you do not get any response.

E-learning requires registration on the Virtual College portal . For any technical queries relating to e-learning, please check the FAQs in the Help & Support link on the menu bar of the Virtual College learning management system. If you are unable to resolve your problems please use the email form to request support, or call the Virtual College Learning Support Team on 01943 605976. If you have any queries relating to approval of the e-learning request, the non-completion charge, or to the timescale for completion, please contact the Business and Professional Development team by emailing adultstraining@sutton.gov.uk or childrenstraining@sutton.gov.uk

Learning and Development Programmes

We run five programmes targeted to specific audiences:

  1. Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB): Available to LBS People staff and partner organisations. Safeguarding children courses including Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Child Protection and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). For a copy of the programme please click here.

  2. Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB): Available to LBS People staff and partner organisations. Safeguarding adults courses including Safeguarding Adults at Risk, Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). For a copy of the programme please click here.

  3. Health and Social Care: Available to LBS People staff and partner organisations. Courses to support adults social care including Moving and Handling People, Infection Control and Prevention and Sensory Awareness. For a copy of the programme please click here.

  4. LBS Council Staff - People Directorate: Available to LBS council staff within the People Directorate ONLY. Specialist training to comply with the requirements of professional bodies for a broad range of staff (social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists etc), to support statutory compliance e.g. Children Act, Mental Capacity Act etc and best practice e.g. Restorative Practice (children), Strengths Based Practice (adults). For a copy of the programme please click here.

  5. Fostering/Adoption to meet national minimum requirements and ensure best practice. Courses include Life Story Work, Attachment and Resilience, Child Development, and Emergency Paediatric First Aid. For a copy of the programme please click here.

Safeguarding Competency Frameworks

For guidance on safeguarding competency requirements please refer to the competency frameworks set out in the LSCB L&D programme and SSAB L&D programme. As a general rule, the following levels apply:

Level 1 - awareness training (e-learning or class room based training where available) for those not in direct contact with vulnerable children or adults

Level 2 - practitioner training for those who have occasional or regular contact with vulnerable children or adults. This training usually has exercises to develop skills.

Level 3 and above - specialist, strategic leadership or management

It is for each organisation to decide on when safeguarding refresher training should be undertaken as appropriate to roles and responsibilities and usually within two to three years.

Information about Sutton Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) can be found here

Information about the Sutton Safeguarding Adult Board (SSAB) can be found here

Evaluation and Impact of Learning

We routinely collect feedback on courses and want to hear from you if your learning needs were not met on the day or by the programme when looking for a training event to support your professional development team. We regularly quality assure training based on criteria that cover delivery, content to meet learning objectives and interactive exercises and provide feedback to trainers to improve the training where required.

The team produce quarterly and annual attendance reports that include cancellations and 'no shows' to manage training performance in a cost effective way. The reports also cover the impact of training on practice to ensure that the investment in training has an outcome on the services delivered to our residents in the London Borough of Sutton and those that are placed outside the Borough.


All of our Safeguarding eLearning courses can be accessed free of charge via http://suttonscb.virtual-college.co.uk/. This is a self-registration website and user guidance can be found here

Request training

LBS People staff are able to request internal and external training.

To request internal training, please complete this form.

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