Ms. Dodrill

Cocopah Middle School, Scottsdale, Arizona

7th Grade Science


Ms. Dodrill is a career middle school science teacher. She is a graduate of the University of Florida (BA); Southwestern (MA); AZ Teacher Certification (SCC) and currently enrolled at CalU pursuing a master’s in earth science. Leadership roles in include: United States Naval Academy Project Maury Peer Teacher Leader; NASA OSIRIS-REx Ambassador; NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador; NASA MAVEN Educator Ambassador; Intel STEM Educator Ambassador; NOVA Education Advisory Board; AZ Center for STEM Teachers – Researcher; NASA/ASU/AGI Triad Science Teacher Leader/Researcher; Girls Rule Foundation – DreamLAB Facilitator; Globe - Teacher/Researcher; NSTA AMGEN Fellow; NSTA, AIAA, CAP, SWE - Educator Member. Cocopah Middle School Instructional Leader. AWARDS: AIAA International Educator Achievement Award; AMLA Teacher of the Year.


Cocopah Phone: 480-484-4400,

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