Enroll in a CTE pathway by adding it to your course request form through your high school's registration process. CTE courses vary by site annually. Students have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications and dual enrollment credits through our CTE pathways. Students enrolled in level two of a program or who have completed their pathway, may apply for an internship with their CTE teacher.  Application forms are also available in the guidance department of every high school.

SUSD offers a variety of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at our comprehensive high schools. CTE programs focus on technical and professional skills that prepare students for post-secondary education and the workforce.

Pairing robust academics with technical skills is what gives students a competitive advantage in the post secondary and industry environment. 

Learn more about "Why CTE works".  What do CTE students offer Arizona? A lot!  What is CTE really about? Giving students technical skills to find their place in the world of work.  Whether  students end up being self-employed, employing others, or working for an  employer,  skills will be needed to earn a living and be a contributor to society. The national association for CTE has the stats to prove how valuable CTE is to all of our students in Scottsdale, greater Arizona, and the  entire U.S. Take advantage of CTE programs in high school to learn a skill that could mean job placement tomorrow. Having a job while in college or any program after high school will mean less debt - maybe zero debt - to move forward in an apprenticeship or industry-sponsored program. Large employers are willing to train young individuals that need to start earning a livable wage right now. Checkout the always up-to-date Arizona Bureau of Labor stats on the number and types of jobs available in our great state.

Additional CTE pathways are available through our partners at EVIT.com.