Mrs. Dukelow

Arcadia High School

Trig/PreCalculus Honors, AP Calculus BC, Dual Enrollment Calculus 3/Differential Equations Honors


Mrs. Dukelow has been teaching at Arcadia since 2005. She is a proud graduate of Arcadia, Class of 2001, and completed both her BAE in Secondary Math and her MEd in Secondary Math at Arizona State University. She has taught various courses in the Math department at Arcadia; this year, she is teaching Trig/PreCalculus Honors, AP Calculus BC, and DE Calc 3/Differential Equations Honors. Mrs. Dukelow loves math and is excited to share the joy of math with students. She believes there is nothing greater than helping a student succeed in math or truly love math for the first time.


Classroom Phone: 480-484-6300, Ext. 5139

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