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covid-19 update

In light of emerging research showing that individuals who have had COVID-19 are at risk of developing severe cardiac complications that can affect participation in sport, the AIA is requiring all member schools to identify any athlete who has ever tested positive for COVID-19, has COVID-19 antibodies, or has ever had close contact with an individual who meets that criteria. Close contact is defined as:

  • An individual (mask or no mask) who at any time has been less than 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes (does not have to be consecutive), has had direct physical contact, or who has had direct exposure to infected body fluids with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (with or without symptoms)

If any of the above refers to your athlete, please contact your schools head athletic trainer Tasha Anderson by email or by office phone 480-484-7077 and you will be given the AIA form and instructions for having it completed by a physician.

winter sports try outs

Try-Outs for winter sports are starting Monday November 30th. Please reach out to your coach to find out times and location.

Attention Visiting Fans:

We are welcoming a select number of visitors to our home athletic contests. Please reach out to your school’s Athletic Director to find out about how to obtain a ticket. Visiting fans will bring their ticket to the gate and will have to pay $5 cash for admittance, no credit card payments. Entrance to the venues will be from the west entrances only. We ask that all spectators wear a face covering from when they exit their vehicle until they return to their vehicle to leave and socially distance during the duration of the event. There will be no concession stands open, there will not be any outside food or drink allowed other than closed water bottles. We will be streaming our events through the subscription service offered by NFHS.

Stephen Cervantez

Athletic Director

Richard Norris

Athletic Assistant

Carl Norberg

Equipment Coordinator

Natasha Anderson

Athletic Trainer

WOLVES make sure that you have the updated requirements for this years physicals!

These items are:

    • 4 Page AIA Annual Physical

      • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic 2019-2020 physicals are allowed to be utilized. If you would like to use last year's physical please take pages 3-4 from last year, the two pages signed by the doctor, and replace pages 3-4 in this year's packet. You will still need to complete the remainder of the 2020-2021 packet and upload all documents (6 pages total). Athletes that had any of the following since their last physical MUST obtain a new physical from a doctor: Had COVID-19, received a new medical diagnosis, or had a concussion.

    • AIA 2020-2021 Consent to Treat Form

    • AIA Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form

All of these must be completed and uploaded to your Register My Athlete Account for your physical to be approved.

Also, make sure to upload your Brainbook Concussion Completion Certificate.

Click the link below to access all of the 2020-2021 Physical Documents

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