Ms. Steinberg

Saguaro High School

Itinerant Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment

Expanded Core Curriculum

Alternative reading/writing formats (Braille and electronic)

Assistive Technology

Compensatory Skills

Self-Determination/Self Advocacy

Visual Efficiency Skills

Social Interaction

Career Ed and Transition

Also serving students at additional sites throughout the district


Ms. Steinberg is a certified teacher of students with visual impairment (TVI) who joined the vision staff at SUSD in 2006. She is dedicated to teaching visually impaired students of all ages throughout the district to develop a range of strategies to access the curriculum, learn alternative reading formats, and explore available resources to best meet their individual needs. Ms. Steinberg has a specific interest in incorporating both mainstream and assistive technology to help her students reach their full potential. Ms. Steinberg received a Masters of Arts from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.


Classroom Phone: 480-484-7100 X5103

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