Mr. Hariz

Arcadia High School

Chemistry I, Introduction to Oceanography & Astronomy


Mr. Hariz has been in the teaching profession for over 10 years. He is an avid traveler and has taught sciences and mathematics in the Middle East and in North America. This will be his first year teaching at Arcadia high school and he is excited to start a new and rewarding school year. He will be teaching chemistry I, oceanography and astronomy.

Mr. Hariz comes from a family of educators. He earned his bachelor's degree in Animal Biology in 2004 and pursued graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. He finished his Master's degree in Human and Molecular Genetics in 2013, after which he embarked on his doctoral studies before he finally decided to return to the academic field. Outside the classroom, he coached JV soccer for several years and his favorite match is students vs. teachers!

Classroom Phone: 480-484-6300, Ext : 5624


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