Profe DeFrain

Arcadia High School

Spanish 3 Honors, Dual Enrollment (college credit)


Ms. DeFrain has been teaching in the Scottsdale District since 2006 and at Arcadia HS since 2014 as a Spanish teacher. She has taught every Spanish course we offer here; Spanish 1-5, Honors, AP, Heritage, FLI, in addition to middle school Spanish, immersion courses, Adult ESL and elementary dual language classes.

While living and working in Mexico, Chile, and Spain, Ms. DeFrain has become fluent in Spanish. Although, she did not grow up speaking Spanish, Spanish has become second-nature for her after a few study abroad trips, some business courses abroad in Spanish, living in other countries, and a couple of years working in International Business. She has found ways to organize the grammar and created tricks to help dominant-English brains bring Spanish to the forefront in an organized, understandable way. She is always excited to share these tips with students so they too can expand their horizons into other languages and start their personal global journey in life.


Classroom phone: 480-484-6300 Ext. 6128

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