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Why Can't I Go To School Social Story.pdf

Dear Families:

Please share this story with your child at home to help them understand why we are all staying home at this time. We often will use books as a way to help young children understand 'big people' topics. We keep them short and to the point. You can share at the end of the story that their teacher will be in contact with them each week while they are home because they ARE missing them and thinking about them. Your children become a part of their teacher's lives and this is a very difficult transition to make for all of us. Please know we are thinking of you and here to help in any way we can.

Daily preK Home Schedule

Daily Schedule

It is very important to establish and maintain routines in the new daily home schedule. Predictability in daily routines will make days easier and learning fun for at-home learning!

Three Weeks of Preschool Learning

Ideas for three weeks of activities to do with your child at home.

3 Weeks of Preschool Learning at Home.pdf
My Chore Chart.pdf

Chore Chart

Preschool age: Have them help unload the dishwasher, sweep, put away their toys, put away folded laundry, and any other small tasks they are capable of doing. At this age they may be able to help set the table, put away silverware, or move laundry into a front-loading dryer. Kids love to help out, so allow them to join in tasks whenever possible. This will help form positive attitudes toward chores from a young age

Bedtime Blues.pdf