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NOTE: Resources on this page will be updated for Sunrise 2.0 by October 2022

Hub Infrastructure Set-Up Guide

Creating the digital infrastructure to launch your Hub.

Key terms: Google, EveryAction, Slack, social media, fundraising, membership, Zoom, Gmass, Mobilize, captioning, Rev, hub, sign up, hubhub, website, texting, shortlink, ActBlue, Truelink, Venmo, hub map,Short link:
EveryAction Guide for Hubs

Guide to using EveryAction - a powerful database and digital organizing tool.

Key terms: EveryAction, mass, targeted, email, database, CRM, sign up, host, event, 1:1s, absorption, phonebank, contacts, listShort link:
Event Map & MobilizeAmerica Guide

How to use MobilizeAmerica to put your hub events on the event map.

Key terms: MobilizeAmerica, events, hub meeting, calendar, host, sign up, map Short link:
Zoom Accounts for Hubs

How to request a Zoom account for your hub.

Key terms: Zoom, video meetings, calls, proShort link:
Digital Tools FAQ's

Digital Tools FAQ - a compilation of answers to common questions.

Key terms: digital tools, login, EveryAction, issue, email, text, call, national list, phonebank, electoral work, subscribe, opt inShort link:
Hub Guide to Digital Security

How to ensure digital security in Sunrise online spaces.

Key terms: digital security, online spaces, encryption, browser, documents, secure, two factor authentication, 2FA, lastpass, extention, uBlock Origin, Chrome, Firefox, share, settingsShort link:
How to: Hub Subscription Form

Guide on how to make a hub subscription form.

Key terms: subscribe, subscription form, EveryAction, signup, email, text, call, list, contactsShort link:
Sunrise Slack Guidelines - CURRENT

Guidelines to using and messaging in the Sunrise Slack.

Key terms: Slack, online spaces, community guidelines, joinShort link:

Request to host a r

Key terms: textbank, texting, text, peer-to-peer, eventShort link:
Sunrise Online Spaces Culture Guidelines - CURRENT

How to interact for healthy online spaces.

Key terms: online spaces, sensitivity, moderation, Slack, discussionsShort link:

Hub Created Guides and Resources