Ms. Weaver

Room 110

Owlstanding Class News and Information

  • everyone look so nice for picture day
  • Our class broke 100 positive DoJo points (Yeah)
  • Reminder Field Trip is September 21st. Chaperones will be chosen this Friday and forms will be sent home to them.
  • We are starting our Google classroom; to begin we are starting with our Diary series check it out . Students will join the class on Monday of this week. They log in with their school login (will try to write in planners on Monday)

Just some quick updates:

* Grammar test on subjects and predicates is Monday (yeah we will be done)

* Math chapter 1 test is Tuesday; we will start a review assignment to get ready in classMonday have children finish it that night (great review for test)

* Tests on Diary of a Spider is

Vocab oral and written on Thursday

Comprehension(Cause and Effect) and Phonics (long o,e,i sounds in words

and soft/ hard g sounds)

* study for spelling test

* we will be starting math facts fluency test this week there will be two every week andthey will be unannounced. Study addition and subtraction facts for five minutes everynight.

* We will also do a skip counting quiz (2, 3, 10) every week practice for five minutes everynight. Don't start at 0, mix it up (example: Count by twos from 24 or count by fives from 45)

The only homework from now on will be test study, above math activities, reading for 15-20 minutes (4 days a week; signing sheet will be sent home), and an classwork notfinished in class (planner will be signed by me or Mrs. S if work is turned in)

* I will be picking Chaperones this week for Field Trip

I also want to say great job to our class for earning over 100 positives Friday.