4th Grade

Language Arts/Spelling:

This week we will continue to learn more about verbs. Students have been doing great with linking, helping, and the progressive form of verbs! A Verbs Unit test will take place the week after Thanksgiving Break.

We won't have spelling this week due to Thanksgiving Break.


Please continue your child to read each night! We have discussed our AR goals and levels. Students should know exactly how many points they need to get before the end of the quarter. I will be checking Reading Logs every Friday.

We will be reading from Scholastic News this week! Students will practice reading nonfiction news articles and discussing them.


The Pencil Trolls have visited our classroom! The Pencil Trolls come into the classroom at night and gobble up all the pencils that get left on the floor! Students have been working hard trying to figure out a way to trap the Pencil Trolls in action!

We are going to use our Pencil Troll dilemma to write a narrative story. Students are brainstorming different ways to trap the Pencil Trolls and will write a story explaining how to trap the Pencil Trolls using whatever device they come up with! They are all very excited and interested in possibly catching a Pencil Troll!