Welcome to NDES

Welcome to 5th grade!

You are now the oldest students in our elementary school, so you have the responsibility of being role models for our younger students. You do this by setting good examples, by showing respect to others, and by living the Viking code: To be a Viking, I must be ready to learn, be respectful, be responsible and safe!

I have high expectations for you as we prepare for the upcoming year and for your future schooling. Some good advice from last year's students include the following:

  • Be prepared for class by having your supplies, materials, and your completed assignments.
  • Be organized. When the locker is a mess, then you tend to be a mess, too. You can't find anything!!!
  • Participate in class and ask questions when you don't understand something.
  • Be on task when it is time to work, so you get your work completed. There are fun things to do when you finish your work, and you also won't have it as homework!
  • Be nice to others.

My homeroom students will have all subjects with me except Social Studies. Ms. Sopcisak and I switch classes, so she teaches you Social Studies, and while I teach her class Science. It gives you a little experience with what the middle school will be like when you switch for all your classes.

My fifth-grade class helps with the recycling in the building. Last year, Team Recycle helped our 3rd-5th grade students recycle milk cartons in the cafeteria. We hope to add all grade levels this year. We recycle paper/paperboard, cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum recycling from the teachers' workrooms, individual offices, and the mail room once a week. We also collect and send plastic cups to TerraCycle. Last year our school helped to collect 27,656 pounds of recycling* (11905 Plastic Bottles, 275 Tin Cans, 2244 books, 4400 mixed paper, and 8832 cardboard). That's pretty impressived! *This did not include the milk cartons.