Cov vs The King

Consisting of movie clips and live, post-match trash talk (mostly Cov), weโ€™ll look back and laugh at highlights of the 2001 Marker Trick Championship.

Think About Performing

The library is a safe place to try out performing, presenting, acting, story telling, demonstrating, or whatever else you can think of. Perform for a large crowd or a small group of friends. You decide how it goes. If you're interested, reach out to someone in the library advisory, or rpalin, so that a time might be scheduled.


You Don't Have to Be Perfect

Food for thought about food, image, beauty standards, expectations, stress, balance, and perspective.


Sophia Carnevale

Sophia, who has strong opinions on living in the moment, will bring her motivational message to the library in an animated speech that will get you thinking.