Workshops & Classes

In-person workshops are interactive classes designed to be fun and educational. Jazmin designs all workshops herself from start to finish, drawing upon public health theories and guidance, family science theory and research, and the needs of the group. Participants leave with skills and knowledge to last a lifetime. Depending on the topic, we have one-time workshops, repeating classes, or courses that may last a few weeks to cover a variety of topics for comprehensive knowledge. Jazmin contracts with local schools and organizations to provide classes and workshops in addition to hosting regularly in the community.


For those who are uncomfortable discussing sex in a group setting, Jazmin can provide confidential, individualized one-on-one sexuality education. Jazmin takes into account your personal history, experiences, and learning style(s) to create a program that will meet your goals. We’ll create learning objectives together and set a schedule that works best for you.


We also host psycho-educational support groups, where we partner with a local art therapist to provide therapeutic support in conjunction with sex education. These groups utilize coping tools, art, and education to eliminate shame as well as identify, process, and heal from: sexual or intimacy violations, body image struggles, harmful sex education, pleasure barriers, gender and sexual identity difficulties, impacts of masculinity, sexism, heterosexism or other forms of oppression, and more. Participants are grouped based on similar experiences.

Training & Consultations

We can provide training and consultations covering a variety of sexuality topics to other professionals looking for support and education. Maybe your staff needs training on how to interact with patients in a sex-positive way. Or maybe you and your colleagues work with children and need a framework for how to address sexual behavior in the school setting. Maybe you work with parents and guardians and would like to know how to discuss sex with parents, or you want to create materials covering sexuality topics to hand out to clients. These are just a few examples of ways we can help - we provide professional expertise to anyone looking for support.

Other services

If you have a different idea not listed here, please let us know and we would love to work with you! If it's not something we feel we're the best fit for, we can reference our list of colleagues and connect you with someone who can serve you best.


Any of our workshops or 1:1 sessions can be conducted virtually. Even virtually, our sessions are designed to be fun and interactive, but with the flexibility of reaching a larger audience, the ability to teach anyone from anywhere, and the opportunity for anonymous participation for those who may feel uncomfortable in an in-person setting.