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Jazmin Nagorski, cfle-P

Holistic Sex Educator

Jazmin (she/her) is the founder and owner of Sun Academy. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences and is currently enrolled in a Master of Public Health program at Georgia State University. At Georgia State University, Jazmin works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Alcohol and Sexual Violence Prevention Research Lab. Jazmin is also a Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator through the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, a Certified Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations, and has been trained as a Wellness Coach. She has taught hundreds of hours of sex education in a variety of settings and previously worked full-time at the Department of Public Health as a Health Educator for the Athens-Clarke and surrounding communities, where she worked with teens to provide comprehensive sexuality education in groups and 1:1. Jazmin has previous experience in crisis advocacy as well - as a full-time on-campus Relationship and Sexual Violence Advocate at UGA, an Overnight and Weekend Advocate at Project Safe, Inc, and a Child Advocate Intern at The Cottage. Currently, she serves as the Co-Chair for the Domestic Violence Task Force in Athens.

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I believe sex education is a form of advocacy and an avenue for healing, resilience, and social justice. Through my work I advocate for the prevention of sexual violence, the reduction of shame, and reproductive justice for all by providing pleasure-focused sex education. I aim to empower those most vulnerable and those who have already experienced violations by using a sex-positive framework, because having a deeper understanding of our sexuality is a way to restore meaning and connect with ourselves and our bodies again. Alternatively, I aim to prevent sexual violence, shame, and reproductive rights violations in the first place by offering sex education as a lifelong adventure to each and every individual. I strive to teach sex education in a way that works to dismantle systems of oppression and removes barriers to sexual and reproductive health access. I have a consistent goal to actively work towards recognizing and eliminating my own biases and contributions to oppression and aim to include this in the way I teach.

nicholas taylor, mph

Sex Educator

Nicholas (he/him) owns and operates Pleasure Planet, a comprehensive sexual health podcast. He contracts with Sun Academy to teach classes in his free time away from the podcast. Nicholas previously worked full time as a Healthy Relationships/Sexual Health Coordinator at the University of Georgia. He received his Bachelor of Science in Public Health at Middle Tennessee State University. It was there he was introduced to sexual health and realized that the field was in need of someone passionate and knowledgeable to help communities in need of awareness and education on the subject. He furthered his education and acquired his Master of Public Health at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Nicholas has a background in STI and HIV research per his time as a research assistant at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health and is a certified wellness coach. It is through this education, research, and awareness that Nicholas hopes to help individuals build healthy relationships, reduce risk through safe sexual health practices, and eliminate stigma associated with sexuality and identities.