everyone deserves to be free of shame

providing health education that eliminates shame and improves lives

now more than ever, we recognize the importance of holistic health and wellness. but many of us still neglect an essential piece.

we've been taught that our sexual well-being is something to be ashamed of; unimportant; gross; avoided in conversations with our children or our clients;

but these ideas harm all of us.

sexual health is essential too -

let's start treating it that way.

Gain knowledge and skills to help the world heal from shame and address all aspects of holistic well-being.

trust me, i get it.

when done correctly with professionalism and care by someone who just gets it, sex education can improve lives and prevent sexual violence

As a Holistic Sexuality Educator and Certified Family Life Educator, i'm uniquely qualified to create and facilitate individualized education that prevents, heals, and empowers at a comfortable pace while satisfying nationally-recognized standards and aligning with research and evidence-based methods.

How it works

some examples of who i serve and how i help

Most nonprofits work with high-risk populations, and this state of high-risk often extends to sexual health as well. Employees may not have the knowledge or skills to respond to questions, sexual behaviors, or to know what's "normal" for their clients. Clients often don't have the knowledge or resources they need to make healthy decisions about their body or about how to interact with other individuals consensually. I provide continuing education for nonprofit employees to answer these types of questions as well as workshops for their clients in order to provide information and reduce risk behaviors while increasing bodily autonomy.

If your child was struggling in math, you wouldn't hesitate to get a tutor. Sex education should be the same. As parents, we have to take charge of the education our kids receive. Since Georgia law requires the bare minimum when it comes to sex education, it's important we offer it to our kids extracurricularly and regularly discuss sexual health and development. I provide regular sex-positive parenting classes that cover "normal" sexual development and combat myths related to sex education in children. I also work one-on-one with parents and their children to fill in the many gaps left from Georgia's educational system by offering education directly to children in a way that's comfortable to the parents and developmentally appropriate for their children. In addition, I consult with parents to help them figure out how to provide comprehensive sex education to their kids for themselves if they prefer.

Research shows that sexual and domestic violence leaves lasting effects on a person's sexual health and wellness. However, the sexual health and wellness of survivors is often ignored or neglected, but it's still a big part of their life. I use sex education to help survivors learn about these effects and why they happen, regain their bodily autonomy, and learn how to reconnect with their sexual desires on their own terms. I either work with survivors directly or with sexual assault and domestic violence organizations to provide workshops and continuing education that ensures survivors get the information and care they need regarding their sexual heath and wellness in a way that's trauma-informed, healing, and empowering.

Schools in Georgia are required by law to provide sex education but aren't given the tools and skills to do so; there's sexual behavior in the classroom; youth are discussing sex and finding inaccurate information online; those who work with youth aren't prepared to handle situations like this.

All of these are problems that I help solve. I contract with youth-serving orgs to: teach comprehensive sex ed to youth directly; provide consultations, CEUs, and recommendations to teachers and school administrators; and/or hosting workshops for parents, children, or workers in youth-serving orgs.

In addition to regular, unique workshops hosted in the community for various age groups, I provide one-on-one sex education tailored to someone's specific needs and past experience with sex and sex education. This is a great option for people who have shame and grew up without comprehensive sex ed, and for those who aren't comfortable attending group education sessions.

Sometimes groups want a unique event or just something fun and educational - for example, hands-on sex education can be a fun addition to bachelor or bachelorette parties, adult birthday parties, conferences, girls night, business luncheons, etc.


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