The 10th ACM Asia Public-Key Cryptography Workshop
(APKC 2023)

Melbourne Australia from July 10-14 10 (1day), 2023

Public key cryptography plays an essential role in ensuring many security properties required in data processing of various kinds. The theme of this workshop is novel public key cryptosystems for solving a wide range of real-life application problems. This workshop solicits original contributions on both applied and theoretical aspects of public key cryptography. The 1st edition of the event (ASIAPKC 2013) has been held in Hangzhou, China, the 2nd edition of the event (ASIAPKC 2014) has been held in Kyoto, Japan, the 3rd edition of the event (ASIAPKC 2016) has been held in Xi'an, China, the 4th edition of the event (APKC 2017) has been held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the 5th edition of the event (APKC 2018) has been held in Incheon, Korea, the 6th edition of the event (APKC 2019) has been held in Auckland, New Zealand, the 7th edition of the event (APKC 2020) has held in Taipei, Taiwan (Virtual Conference), the 8th edition of the event (APKC 2021) has held in Hong Kong, China (Virtual Conference), and the 9th edition of the event (APKC 2022) has held in Nagasaki, Japan (Hybrid Conference). The 10th edition of the event (APKC 2023) will be held in Melbourne, Australia, in conjunction with AsiaCCS 2023.

As in the previous series, the proceedings of APKC 2023 will be published by ACM Press and appear in ACM digital library. This workshop may grant the Best Paper Award. For the sake of fairness, we will grant the award depending on an aggregate score, and it should get no rejection from its every reviewer. If no such paper exists, workshop organizers will reserve the right to present the award.

Topics of interest to the workshop include, but are not limited to:

We solicit systematization of knowledge (SoK) papers, which should aim to evaluate, systematize, and contextualize existing knowledge. Although SoK papers may not necessarily contain novel research contributions, such papers must provide a high value to our community. Submissions will be distinguished by the prefix "SoK:" in the title.

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