Unmithy is a boutique consulting firm that brings the experience of 25 years of its founder in guiding businesses to transform through the adoption of technology.

Unmithy had its genesis about 6 years ago and has worked with more than 15 clients in helping them navigate the complex world of technology working in financial services, manufacturing, Insurance, education Tech domains.

We have helped clients embed intelligence through AI, digitalization and automation of their operations and value chain,

We Deliver transformation through 3 Focus Areas 

Operating Value Stream Analysis and Optimization

Technology Portfolio Analysis & Insights

Digital Transformation:  Apps – Data – Insights

 We work on frameworks like Industry 4.0, Agile, Lean Operations, Balanced Score Cards, and TRIZ based innovative problem solving to guide clients in their journey of translating business opportunities in technology to specific transformations

Our overall methodology follows these key phases

15 + clients 

Strong Tech Network 

Agile - Lean - Value Maps 


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Claims TPA - Transformation 

what is this

Lean in Insurance

Electronics manufacturing

Big Data in Education

Textiles Transformation 

Document AI in Commercial Insurance