White City Nursery

White City Nursery and associated seed orchards have been in operation for over 30 years; annually providing 20 to 30 million genetically advanced pine seedlings and various hardwoods for its customers. Since 1980 all tree breeding, testing, progeny selection work, and grafting has been performed in association with the North Carolina State University Tree Improvement Cooperative. Three seed orchards produce genetically improved seed for the coastal, piedmont, and mountain provinces of the Southeastern U.S.

Quality & Precision

We strive for the highest quality seedlings and transplant survivability possible. We attain this by attention to detail, in the methods we use to plant, grow and harvest. White City Nursery (WCN) uses a precision planter to plant seeds at the proper depth and density with uniform spacing for maximum seedling quality, uniformity, and vigor. Under-cutting is performed twice a year; once in the fall and at harvesting to preserve lateral root growth which is crucial for survival. Seedlings are carefully packaged and stored in a refrigerated cooler until pick up.

Research & Development

Contributing Member of the NCS Tree Improvement Cooperative

Controlled Mass Pollination


Provider of genetic tree improvement services

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