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Our theme for focus in the LMC this school year will be Diversity and Inclusion:

Digital Citizenship

Dear Parents,

We recognize that today’s students live in two communities – “offline” and “online.” The technology department & the Library Media Specialists have developed lessons as a first step to help our students become responsible members of our expanding digital community.

Our lessons -adapted from Common Sense Media- focus on the safe, legal, and ethical use of technology in school and at home. Essentially, much of what we call “Digital Citizenship” is part of the larger goal to teach students to be savvy, safe, and minimize the risks of sharing when using the Internet. These ideas were introduced in October; however, we will continue to revisit these concepts throughout the year.

Your first grader’s Digital Citizenship lessons have focused on “Going Places Safely”: choosing safe/adult approved websites; keeping private information to oneself.

Your second grader’s Digital Citizenship lessons emphasize being online as participating in a community; staying safe online; communicating kindly.

The third grade Digital Citizenship lessons expand on the above, reminding students of their responsibilities online to themselves; their local community; the global community.

The fourth grade Digital Citizenship lessons briefly review safety online: keeping personal information safe, but then focus on researching skills and navigation.

Your fifth grader’s Digital Citizenship lessons began with a review of general internet safety, and then expanded to include cyberbullying; plagiarism and citing; discerning good resources.

Excellent parent resources on these topics and more can be found at and