Pet of the Month Contest

Welcome! On this site, you will find each month's theme, forms to submit your pet, and voting ballot for each Pet of the Month

July's Pet of the Month

July's Theme: Red, White, or Blue

The votes are in!

The winner of July's Red, White, or Blue Pet of the Month Contest is Kobe!

Kobe is relaxing on his favorite MEOWICAN colors

Check out Kobe and the rest of July's contestants in our Contest Gallery.

Submit Your Pet for August's Pet of the Month

August's Theme: Going Fur Gold

In what Olympic event, real or imaginary, would your pet go fur gold?

Take and submit a gold winning photo of your pet by August 18th.

To submit your photo,

fill out an online form

(Requires a Gmail account)

or email your photo to

Ballot will be posted when voting opens up on August 22nd.

September's Theme is Members' Choice!

Heading into the final days of the summer, we need your help as we get ready for school. We have designated September's Pet of the Month theme as

Members' Choice.

So, your summer assignment if you choose to accept it is to write in a theme suggestion by August 2nd.

The theme should be fun, family-friendly, and easy to execute.

To submit a suggestion, fill out this form

or send your suggestion to

Suggestions will be compiled in a ballot that the community can vote on throughout the month of August.

July 2021: Red, White, or Blue

Winner: Kobe

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To see previous months' themes and contestants, visit our Contest Gallery.

Contest Terms & Conditions

When you submit a photo to the Pet of the Month contest, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are submitting one photo per pet that is in keeping with the month's theme and is in good taste.

  • The SSIICA has the right to moderate the submitted photo to ensure that it is in keeping with the month's theme and in good taste.

  • The SSIICA has the right to publish the submitted photo in the community's email communications, social media page, websites, and the 2022 Pet of the Month calendar.

  • Once a pet has won a monthly contest, they are ineligible to win for the remaining months of the calendar year.

  • In the event of a tie for any given month's contest, there will be a final face off round of voting to determine the month's winner.

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