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Join the legacy of Wisconsin's most honorable Roofing Company and call today for help, advice, or the most professional roofing service you can afford!

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Sugar Maple Now Offers up to 0% Financing.

 Not only can you save BIG against the large exterior companies, but with Sugar Maple Roofing, you can have the BIG company service too! 

Why? Because the president of Sugar Maple Roofing not only built every type of roof as laborer and management in America, but he ran million dollar companies all over the US and was set to be Vice President of one of the largest commercial roofing companies in Wisconsin before he set out on his own to create Sugar Maple Roofing. Simply the most educated and capable roofing company in Wisconsin - with a giant heart and a big brain - Sugar Maple offers  outstanding service and prices that are not only unbeatable - BUT NOW -they are backed by billion-dollar companies.  If that doesn't say confidence, nothing will.

In addition to CertainTeed sponsoring our warranties, Home Depot sponsoring us as a preferred Wisconsin Contractor... Now, nationally renowned financing tech megalith Hearth has partnered with us to support in-house financing for our beloved Wisconsin customers. 

Remember how no one would come out for a repair and just try to sell you reroofs? Well not only can Sugar Maple offer repairs, reroofs and more; but we can finance them too! With 0% financing!  Call today to get advice from Wisconsin's most honorable exteriors professionals!

Our Service 

Imagine having the most professional exterior service in Wisconsin for prices you can afford or understand! Imagine working with the actual licensed contractor, not just a sales person or worker. Imagine going over the details, concerns, and budget of your project with the actual licenced professional who has not only done the work himself, but is an educated and licenced sales professional as well.  Imagine having that experienced professional be on-site to manage the project from start to finish as he did for small jobs and multi million dollar projects

Thats what you get with Sugar Maple Roofing.  Thats our difference. 

When you call Sugar Maple, you get the sweetest deal in Wisconsin for exterior home and business assistance, all for a better price!  Its simple, we don't compromise value, we just dont have sales people to have to pay, we use lifelong relationships with professionals we worked with in the field, we dont take more than we need, and we also supplement jobs instead of upcharging the customer for better products. 

Sugar Maple Roofing has done work for the US government, for the highest regulated counties and permitting offices in in Dade, Broward, and Brevard counties, building the highest wind and waterproof roofs available to build. 

Wouldn't you want that experience working for you and on your beautiful home in Wisconsin? All for less the price and with higher warranties than the competitor! 

Yes, a standard Asphalt Sugar Maple Roof comes with a 25-year workmanship warranty with the thickest lifetime shingle available - and this is backed by a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer, Saint Gobain of North America. Saint-Gobain North America | (saint-gobain-northamerica.com) 

At Sugar Maple, we don't have any gimmicks to sell our services.  We named our company after the Wisconsin State Tree, because we love this state and the kind, hardworking people in it, and we intend to honor it with our commitment to customer service.  Call today for pressure free advice, consultation, or immediate assistance with your next exterior project. 


Cedar Shake/Metal/Copper/Solder


Commercial/Flat Roof

Seamless Gutters

Get beautiful .032 seamless gutters for half the price!

Why spend insane amounts of money for a product when you can get it from the guys who actually put them in for half the price. Dont lose value or product... and dont lose money. Call Sugar Maple for the best gutters and gutter protection available in Wisconsin. 


Want to hang from your gutters without worry!? Get the most affordable, most powerful gutter protection in the nation.



Tree Removal

Custom Masonry





Before I started my company in my home state of Wisconsin, I traveled the US doing roofing all over. I also worked heavily in storm restoration, and I realized after the 15th interview with Wisconsin roofing companies, that they don't understanding Xactimate and restoration roofing and exteriors. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM?  The people who suffer the most because of it, are our Wisconsin customers. 

So please stop paying out of pocket for upgrades, because your company doesn't know how to supplement or get denials or partial denials approved.  Go with serious detailed pros, not just companies whining for you not to go with storm chasers, because they are "local".  If they don't want you to go with a storm chaser, they need to offer value, not just complain. That's where we blow them out of the water. We offer local trusted excellence with world renowned service and expertise.  

Go with a seasoned insurance professional and just see what we have to offer... you won't be disappointed.



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Sugar Maple is spawning the largest statewide network of the TOP most professionals in the field. We only contract and network with the most underated, top-performing professionals in this state. People who have done the most expensive jobs, attended to the most profilic customers in the state. Our goal is to utilize these high performers directly to our customers, in direct opposition to common large contractors loosely suggesting sub-par labor/talent with heavy margins added on top. Therefore, we invite you to consider one of the top masons in the country, to quote and bid on your job and absolutely blow the competition out of the water! Call Boulder Concepts Today!  262-515-6686

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